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18 / 10 / 2021
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Detail Telepon Kabel - AUDIOMETER MURAH

The SIBELSOUND 400, is a revolutionary two-channel audiometer. The entire system is controlled by Digital Signal Processor ( DSP) for reliable, quick and easy audiometric exploration of hearing thresholds and screening tests, such as suprathreshold pure tone tests. The SIBELSOUND 400 audiometer was developed by SIBEL, S.A.' s RDI department in collaboration with the Surgery Department ( Ear, Nose and Throat and Audiology) of the University of Barcelona and well-known specialists in the field, in accordance with standard criteria of both national institutions such as the UNE and international institutions such as the IEC, ISO, etc. DSP DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY A Digital Signal Processor that uses an optimised microprocessor for applications that require very high-speed numerical operations. The processor is capable of working with multiple data in parallel, while its design and specific instructions are ideal for digital processing, features that distinguish a DSP from other types of processors. COMMUNICATION One of the great qualities of the SIBELSOUND 400, is a communications system with other equipment that allows it to: • Print directly to a USB printer • Transfer information from the unit' s internal database to a PC • Communicate with a PC in real time • Export patient tests to other management systems ( EMR) • Update the unit' s internal firmware Using the appropriate software, communications can be established through two different channels: • USB ( standard) • RS232C Serial ( optional) SIGNALS The SIBELSOUND 400 features: • Pure tones ( continuous, pulse, alternate) • Frequency modulation • Amplitude modulation • Speech Noise • Narrow Band Noise • White Noise ADDED VALUE Audiometry software W50 SIBELMED W50 is a sophisticated software for viewing, storage, transmission, analysis and introduction of audiometric tests in a Microsoft Windows ® environment with the following options: • Management of various patient databases • Download of audiometric test data from SIBELSOUND 400 and AC50 audiometers • Manual audiometric test data input performed with other audiometers • Display of different types of audiometric tests • Diagnosis: ( COUNCIL, IMSS MEXICO, ELI, SAL, KLOCKHOFF, MOH, others...) • Choice of various types of diagnosis parameters • Test graphics • Comparison of tests from the same patient • Customizable reports • Test report printouts

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